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Welcome to JD's Crafts!
Glad ya'll dropped by to see what I'm up to.
Most normally I am likely to be found covered in paint, ribbons and a fair amount of glue and various other chemicals. Probably makeing a good size mess in the house but I wouldn't be happy any other way!
Whats New
Jerry is making beautiful new cedar furniture pieces every day.. Pictures really don't do his work justice but pictures are all I have unless ya'll want to drop by the house and that would be fine too. Click on the Furniture section and watch for all the new stuff. Special Orders always welcome!

Special Orders
If you don't see what your looking for let me know. I'm glad to do special orders. I can do most any school you would like. I mostly show LSU and the Saints here on the site, because well, we just think everyone loves them as much as we do! If you have something you would like to see on a sign or coaster, just let us know and I'm sure we can make it for you.

Local Orders - If you are local and planning to pick your order up, please use my Contact Page to let me know what you want. (So you don't have to pay shipping fees.)

travertine coasters
wind chimes
Fan Pulls

Show Schedule

Greenwell Springs Baptist Church
March 7 and 8
French Settlement High School
May 3 -2014


Check out our new collection of
Natural Stone Travertine Coasters

Let us create your own custom natural stone coasters!
Put all your four legged kiddies on coasters - Great gifts for Mothers Day, or Grandma's little Angels.
All the kids and grandkids for Mom and Grandma.

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